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History in Hackensack

The suburban town of Hackensack, has over 43,000 residents living within a variety of dynamic neighborhoods and travel on its 80 miles of roadways to work and school each day. The six public schools in Hackensack welcome over 5,700 students and more than 410 teachers each day. The Hackensack roadways are also well-traveled by students who attend various private religious and charter schools, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Bergen Community College. Thousands of people from Bergen, Passaic and Union counties commute to Hackensack by car or bus on Interstate 80, Route 17, Route 4, and County Route 503 as they head to work in Hackensack University Medical Center, the Bergen County Courthouse, and the many industrial areas and office buildings that surround a bustling small-city downtown district. It is common to encounter a lot of traffic when traveling through Hackensack, not only on the major highways but also on smaller roads and the Court Street Bridge, the Midtown Bridge, and the Anderson Street Bridge. The constant traffic in Hackensack typically results in daily truck, car and motorcycle accidents.

Bergen County personal injury attorney Douglas Standriff of Bergen Law has collected tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of his Hackensack, NJ personal injury clients since 1991. As a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Doug is one of only approximately three percent of all attorneys who have proven to the NJ Supreme Court Committee on Civil Certification, through both extensive trial experience and written examination, that he is adept at handling personal injury cases successfully. Doug’s expertise in NJ personal injury law combined with more than 28 years of experience make him highly qualified to handle your personal injury case successfully. If you were recently injured in a car, motorcycle or truck crash, had a slip-and-fall accident, or were bitten by someone else’s dog in Hackensack, Doug and his associate, Marissa Messinger, Esq., will work diligently to develop the most effective legal strategy to win your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

If another driver's negligence caused you to be injured or to lose a loved one in a car accident, you need the expertise of personal injury attorney Douglas Standriff to protect your rights and get you fairly compensated by the at-fault party.
If your slip and fall injury is the result of someone else's negligence, it is critical to retain an attorney who is proficient in building a solid case that proves your damages and the defendant's liability. Doug Standriff has the knowledge and experience to recognize the various factors that can influence the outcome of your case and get you the monetary settlement you deserve.
If someone else's dog has recently bitten you, you need the attorneys at Bergen Law on your side. Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger have a proven ability to develop your case effectively and get you compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and more.
A motorcycle accident can leave you seriously injured, and when the accident is someone else's fault, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Expert personal injury attorneys Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger will protect your legal rights, help you determine whether your incident warrants compensation, and develop a sound legal strategy for pursuing your case.
If you have sustained injuries in an accident involving a commercial truck, it is vital to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to protect your legal rights. Personal injury attorney Douglas Standriff will analyze the complex insurance issues surrounding truck accidents and help you get the remuneration you deserve.
If you are filing for divorce, probating a will, or disputing your property taxes, or are seeking compensation for legal or architectural malpractice or a small business dispute, you can rely on the skills, knowledge, and courtroom experience of Certified Civil Trial Attorney Douglas Standriff and his associate, Marissa Messinger, Esq. to get you the outcome you deserve.
Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal Injury Attorneys
Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger

Hackensack is a vibrant town with a small-city downtown area with access to good schools, a major medical center, and many corporations and retail businesses in which to work and shop. Unfortunately, the perpetual traffic in Hackensack means that car, truck and motorcycle accidents occur daily. When you have been in an accident in Hackensack, you need a lawyer who can get you the best outcome for your personal injury case. Our clients in Hackensack, NJ recommend the expert personal injury attorneys at Bergen Law to their friends because they know our lawyers have the qualifications and experience necessary to develop the best strategy for their personal injury cases.

1. Personal Injury Law Expertise

Since 1991, Hackensack, NJ Certified Civil Trial Attorney Douglas Standriff has proven that he is highly qualified to handle personal injury cases successfully, collecting tens of millions of dollars for thousands of clients. Doug Standriff and his associate, Marissa Messinger, will use their expertise to make practical strategic decisions to get you properly compensated for your injuries.

2. Personal Attention

Doug and Marissa genuinely care about the welfare of their Hackensack, NJ clients. They will provide you with top-quality legal representation and personal attention, always keeping you updated on the progress of your case. Doug and Marissa regularly earn referrals from existing clients and other attorneys because of their expert understanding of personal injury law and their ability to empathize with their clients.

3. Free, No-obligation Consultation

The personal injury attorneys at Bergen Law provide a free, no-obligation consultation for the confidential evaluation of your potential Hackensack, NJ personal injury case.