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Since 1991, Bergen Law personal injury lawyer Douglas Standriff has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases, collecting tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his New Jersey clients. As a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Doug is one of approximately three percent of all attorneys who have proven to the NJ Supreme Court Committee on Civil Certification, through both extensive trial experience and written examination, that he is expertly qualified to successfully handle personal injury cases. Whether you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident, were bitten by a dog, or were involved in a car, motorcycle, or truck crash, Doug and his associate, Marissa Messinger, Esq., will personally work with you to develop the best legal strategy for winning your case. With a combined 37 years of experience and proficiency in New Jersey personal injury law, Doug has the expertise necessary to provide you with the highest quality representation and to get you the best settlement for your personal injury case.

Must Watch - This real video footage was obtained from a store security cam by the personal injury lawyers at Bergen Law on behalf of our client involved in this pedestrian-car accident.

We Take Action Before Your Evidence Disappears!

About this Real Case Video Evidence
The Bergen Law team knows it is crucial to collect evidence quickly after an accident before it disappears forever. That's why our lawyers acted quickly to obtain this video footage from a neighboring store owner involving a client who was the victim of a car accident. This footage was critical in getting a just and fair settlement of the personal injury case.

The personal injury attorneys at Bergen Law are committed to building the best personal injury case possible to get you the compensation you deserve. As such, Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger don't rely solely on police reports and witness accounts for information about your accident. Having accumulated decades of experience building compelling personal injury cases, they have the resources and expertise to acquire the evidence needed to ensure a fair and equitable settlement.

Act Quickly!
If you or your loved one has been the victim of an accident, you must retain an injury accident attorney who has the experience and resources to collect important evidence while it can still be collected. With over 28 years of experience, we have the expertise to build a strong personal injury lawsuit to get you the fair and just compensation you deserve!

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

If another driver's negligence caused you to be injured or to lose a loved one in a car accident, you need the expertise of personal injury attorney Douglas Standriff to protect your rights and get you fairly compensated by the at-fault party.
If your slip and fall injury is the result of someone else's negligence, it is critical to retain an attorney who is proficient in building a solid case that proves your damages and the defendant's liability. Doug Standriff has the knowledge and experience to recognize the various factors that can influence the outcome of your case and get you the monetary settlement you deserve.
If someone else's dog has recently bitten you, you need the attorneys at Bergen Law on your side. Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger have a proven ability to develop your case effectively and get you compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and more.
A motorcycle accident can leave you seriously injured, and when the accident is someone else's fault, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Expert personal injury attorneys Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger will protect your legal rights, help you determine whether your incident warrants compensation, and develop a sound legal strategy for pursuing your case.
If you have sustained injuries in an accident involving a commercial truck, it is vital to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to protect your legal rights. Personal injury attorney Douglas Standriff will analyze the complex insurance issues surrounding truck accidents and help you get the remuneration you deserve.
If you are filing for divorce, probating a will, or disputing your property taxes, or are seeking compensation for legal or architectural malpractice or a small business dispute, you can rely on the skills, knowledge, and courtroom experience of Certified Civil Trial Attorney Douglas Standriff and his associate, Marissa Messinger, Esq. to get you the outcome you deserve.
Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal Injury Attorneys
Douglas Standriff and Marissa Messinger

Why Do Clients Choose Bergen Law for Personal Injury Cases?

1. Personal Injury Law Expertise

Equipped with a skill set that he has honed for over 32 years, Certified Civil Trial Attorney Douglas Standriff has the expertise and qualifications to get you the best possible settlement for your personal injury case. Doug has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases by either trial or settlement and has collected tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.

2. Results-Driven Strategy

Their vast experience in personal injury law enables attorneys Doug Standriff and Marissa Messinger to make practical decisions concerning the legal strategy for your case. They will work tirelessly to get you properly compensated.

3. Personal Attention

The personal injury attorneys at Bergen Law understand the importance of keeping you updated on the progress of your case. Doug and Marissa will work directly with you to develop the best legal strategy for your personal injury court case, answer all of your questions, and keep you up-to-date on the status of your claim.

4. Empathetic Counsel

Doug and Marissa are easy to work with and genuinely care about the welfare of their clients. As strong advocates for the injured, they will continuously strive to provide you with the best legal representation. Their mastery of personal injury law combined with their ability to empathize with their clients has repeatedly earned them referrals by existing clients and other attorneys.

5. Free, No-obligation Consultation

The personal injury attorneys at Bergen Law provide a free, no-obligation consultation for the confidential evaluation of your potential personal injury case.

What Sets Us Apart

Here are the key differentiators that set us apart and make our team, led by experienced personal injury lawyer Douglas Standriff and his associate Marissa Messinger, Esq., a force to be reckoned with when it comes to maximizing personal injury settlements in New Jersey.

Extensive Experience, Skills, and Resources

We bring decades of experience to the table, showcasing our prowess in handling a wide range of personal injury cases. Bergen County personal injury lawyer Doug Standriff's deep legal skills combined with our firm's strong network and resources demonstrate our ability to take on even the most powerful defendants and large insurance companies. This not only bolsters our negotiating leverage but also sends a clear message that we are more than ready to stand up for our client's rights against any opposition.

Ability to Go to Trial and Strong Trial Preparedness

Our team is not afraid to go to trial if needed. What puts us in a dominant position from the start is our dedicated focus on trial preparations even while the negotiations are on. This level of commitment to your case not only keeps the pressure on during discussions but also signals to the other side that we are fully equipped and ready to take the case to court if a fair settlement isn't reached. This trial readiness boosts our negotiating power to obtain maximum financial compensation from the defendants for your injuries and losses.

Proven Record of Large Settlements and Verdicts

Our formidable record speaks for itself. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for injured victims and their families across New Jersey in all types of personal injury claims. This proven success becomes our strength during negotiations. Once the insurance company and the defendants recognize our outstanding record and our courtroom reputation, they are often less willing to risk taking the case before a jury and are more inclined towards making a settlement in your favor.

Douglas Standriff, Esq. Is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney in New Jersey. Why Does That Matter to Your Case?

Having Douglas Standriff, Esq. as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney in New Jersey is a significant advantage for your case. Only about 3% of all attorneys in New Jersey hold this prestigious credential. Here's why it matters to your personal injury claim:

Authoritative Knowledge and Skill

Certification as a Civil Trial Attorney is not handed out lightly. It signifies that Mr. Standriff has demonstrated a high level of experience, skill, and proficiency in civil trial law. This specialization proves critical in personal injury cases, ensuring that your attorney is well-versed in the intricacies of the legal system specific to civil trials in New Jersey.

Recognition by the NJ Supreme Court

The certification is not just another title; it is a recognition by the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Civil Certification. This acknowledgment indicates that Mr. Standriff has met rigorous standards set by the legal community and the judiciary. It is a mark of dedication and performance that instills confidence in clients, demonstrating that they have a legal professional with a proven record of excellence.

Powerful Trial Competence

The certification process involves a thorough assessment of trial skills, including both extensive trial experience and a written examination. This means that Mr. Standriff is not just skilled in negotiating settlements; he is also well-prepared and strongly equipped to take your case to trial if needed. This dual proficiency adds a layer of strength to your legal representation, signaling to opposing parties that you are backed by someone with a powerful foundation in trial advocacy.

Strategic Advantage During Negotiations

In personal injury cases, the willingness and ability of experienced personal injury attorneys to go to trial can significantly impact negotiations. Opposing parties are more likely to offer favorable settlements when they know they are dealing with a Certified Civil Trial Attorney with an exceptional record. It provides a strategic advantage by increasing your negotiating leverage and positioning your case for maximum financial compensation from the liable parties.

Types of Evidence We Will Collect to Prove Liability

You can count on Douglas Standriff, Esq., and his team to leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering evidence to support your case. Here's a look at the types of evidence we will collect to establish liability and maximize your damages:

  • Medical Records and Specialist Opinions: We know how critical medical records are. They paint a clear picture of the extent of your injuries. Our team will also seek expert opinions from medical professionals to help us understand and communicate the long-term impact of your injuries.
  • Accident Reports and Witness Statements: We will obtain official accident reports and gather statements from witnesses. These documents and testimonies are vital in reconstructing the events leading to our injury and holding the responsible party accountable.
  • Photo, Video, and Surveillance Camera Evidence: Pictures can speak louder than words. Our team will collect photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, and any property damage. If there is any video footage available from surveillance cameras or bystanders, we will use it to clearly illustrate what happened.
  • Expert Testimony: Depending on the case, we might bring in experts like accident reconstruction specialists, automotive engineers, and other industry experts. Their insights can provide a professional perspective on how the incident occurred and who should be held responsible.
  • Safety Violations and Maintenance Records: If your injury is due to premises liability, slip and fall, or a construction accident, our team will seek evidence of safety violations or poor maintenance. Maintenance records and inspection reports will be key in supporting your claim.
  • Employment and Financial Records: If your injury has affected your ability to work and earn income, the accident attorneys at our law firm will ensure all the employment and financial records are in order. This evidence helps quantify the economic impact, including lost wages and potential future earnings.
  • Our Incident Documentation: Any documentation related to the incident, such as police reports or written communication, will be gathered in addition to medical bills and other evidence of serious injuries and medical expenses. This helps establish a timeline and the circumstances surrounding your injury and it’s impact on your life.

With our Bergen County injury lawyers at the helm, you can be confident that these collected pieces of evidence will build a robust case and maximize your financial compensation for car accident claims, truck accident claims, motorcycle accident claims, other motor vehicle accidents as well as slip and fall injury and dog bite injury claims.

History Of Success In Bergen County

For over 28 years, Certified Civil Trial Attorney Douglas Standriff has provided top-quality representation to thousands of victims of car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and more in Maywood, Hackensack, Paramus, Teaneck, and surrounding towns. To learn about some of Doug's recent successes, click each of the icons on the map below.

Depend on Bergen County's Top Personal Injury Attorneys

If you were injured in a car, truck, motorcycle or slip and fall accident, or if someone else's dog bit you, you could be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. Obtaining the representation of a Bergen County attorney certified in civil trial law is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. You need a personal injury lawyer who has the expertise to make effective strategic decisions about your case while thoroughly protecting your legal rights. When you want the top personal injury lawyers in New Jersey working for you, depend on Certified Civil Trial Attorney Douglas Standriff and his associate Marissa Messinger, Esq.

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